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Welcome To My Site!

New Videos SOON!! (wire Recorder)

Thanks for stopping by.....This site is dedicated to the "Good Old Days" of Reel to Reel tape recording with tubes and 40-lb tape recorders.

 reel to reels from the 50's.

These machines were made in the USA.  People earned their living making  these recorders!

made with "hands" not computers!

Perhaps "Dad" or "Grandpa" had one?

Ck the Pix do you see the family R-R?

These big boxes were our "Hi-Tek" toys in the 50's.

These pages are for those who  enjoyed these recorders when they were new. And remember how it was to lug these 40-lb boxes around.

Check out the hi-fi recorders and accessories of the 50's. Before stereo and solid state.

Have fun. See those old reel to reels run again. Re-visit those great old reel to reels of the 1950's.

Back in the 50's, as a teenager, I got hooked on the reel to reel recorder.

Owned  6 of them between 1952 and 1970.  My recorders were purchased from a music store in Hanover, PA,  E.J.J. Gobrecht. I owned a Wilcox-Gay, FME, Webcor, Crescent, Wollensak, & Viking.

Actually ,my first reel to reel was purchased from catalogue, Olson Radio Warehouse, Akron, OH.  Shipped by Railway Express. Cost $115. today with inflation  $937. Most  R-R's in 1952  $179. In 2011 with inflation $1,459. In the 1950's a R-R was an expensive toy.

It was a Wilcox Gay Model 2A11.  It recorded and played at 1-7/8 & 3-3/4 ips.  Not  good for music.  I tried to get it converted to 7-1/2 ips, even wrote the factory.  Had to live with it....... Nov. 08...... Found one.....In operating condition.......Picture below. (thanks Ebay)

My next recorder was an FME model 40.  I still remember the demo tape that came with the machine.  How great it was recording music at 7-1/2 ips! I recorded all my phonograph records on it.

As a result of my interest in these reel to reels I become a broadcast engineer. Through the years I have given that old Wilcox-Gay a lot of credit for getting my interested in electronics and my career in Broadcast Engineering.

Thanks to "On Line Auctions" I have been able to purchase many of the 50's reel to reels I dreamed about in the 50's and restore them to operating condition. Never dreamed I would see them again! ......Now, I can enjoy "Bringing Them Back To Life Again.)

how many R-R's in my collection?  40+  (Don't tell my wife!) My collection is pretty much complete. Not in the market for additional reel to reels at this time.

Some of the brands in my collection:

Ampro....Bell....Crescent....Crestwood....DuKane....EchoTape....Eicor....FME....Knight...Pentron....RCA....Revere....Sears....Tape Master....VM....Webcor....Wilcox Gay....Wollensak.....

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